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Arthur Gander1997

Arthur Gander - Switzerland

Arthur Gander
Arthur Gander, Class of 1997, International Gymnastics Hall of Fame

ARTHUR GANDER, of Switzerland, is recognized for his contribution to the development of the technical rules for men's gymnastics. Serving many years as the leader of gymnastics in his home area in the Italian speaking region of Switzerland (Chiasso), he became the nation's master technician. Over time, Mr. Gander rose to positions of international leadership, serving first as chairman of the FIG's Technical Committee for Men, and later, earning election to the position of President of the International Gymnastics Federation.
It is said he virtually wrote the Code of Points for Men, which became the first real book of rules to be used world-wide to standardize judging. He worked diligently and energetically all of his life to bring a semblance of order to the judging of gymnasts.
Arthur Gander was from the old school of gymnastics, but he was never one to shy away from changing image of his sport. He pioneered international events and moved to adopt changes in every aspect of gymnastics to assure its growth and development. Serving as the gymnastics representative to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), as well as to the International Federation of University Sports (FISU), he was instrumental in helping the U.S. Gymnastics Federation gain membership into the FIG.
Arthur Gander is deceased, but his legacy continues. In the world of gymnastics, he did, indeed, lead a "Lifetime of Achievement."

1997 Inducted into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame

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